Telematics Insurance, commonly know as black box insurance, aims to help reduce insurance premiums for high-risk groups such as:

  • Young drivers under 30 years old
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • New driver
  • Less frequent drivers with low mileage

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The ‘Box’

We’ll fit a clever little telematics device (slightly bigger than a mobile phone), to your car within 14 days of purchase. The box provides us with information such as:

  • the time of travel
  • your car’s location
  • the distance travelled
  • speed, braking frequency and force


Your Dashboard

The box then takes the data and creates a ‘score’ for each element of your driving. You will be able to view these scores via a dashboard or you can download the mobile dashboard app. The dashboard allows you to review all of your journey details and see any feedback messages or red alerts. The dashboard also provides a ‘Find My Car’ section which can assist with a speedy recovery if your vehicle is stolen.


Your Driving

The box allows us to measure how safely you drive. If you demonstrate that you are a safe driver you could receive a discount at renewal. Feedback with tips to improve your driving will be given through the dashboard.
If your car is regularly driven in a dangerous or unacceptable manner, such as consistent speeding, harsh braking or acceleration, you will receive a red alert. Red alerts can result in an additional premium and continued red alerts may result in policy cancellation.



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