Christmas Foodbank 2017

Can you help?

Over the festive season demands on local food banks are particularly high.

The sad reality is that some families across Scotland will only have Christmas dinner thanks to a local foodbank.

Laurie Ross will be collecting donations in all our 6 branches until Friday 15th December.

Glasgow North East Foodbank has named the 12 most welcomed gifts you can give. They also added that a card, handwritten note or a small gift would be appreciated and go a long way to cheering someone up.

  • Juice
  • Tins of custard
  • Tins of vegetables, including potatoes
  • Tins of soup
  • Tinned ham, chicken or turkey
  • Nibbles and chocolate treats
  • Gravy granules
  • Condiments
  • Mince pies and Christmas cake
  • Christmas biscuits
  • Napkins
  • Table decorations

If you could pop in with any of these items it would be very much appreciated. We will ensure that your donations get delivered to the local foodbank in your area.