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Every business is different and the risks associated with your office are not going to be the same as everyone else’s. If you’re an individual running your business from home, you’re not going to need the same type of insurance as someone managing 20 employees in a rented office.

Office Insurance could protect your business against unexpected events related to your workplace. This will include cover for the loss of or damage to your equipment and protection against the cost of any legal claims made by your employees or the public.

We will take time to understand your business and recommend the products that meet your needs.

Some of the cover that can be included with your office insurance are:

  • Public LiabilityIf customers or suppliers visit your premises, Public Liability Insurance is essential. Accidents can happen when you least expect, no matter how careful you are.
  • Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement if you have employees. It protects against the costs of employees making claims if they are injured or fall ill within the office.
  • Business InterruptionIf something was to happen to your office, such as a fire or flooding, how long can you survive without trading?
  • Contents CoverCovers loss of stock, contents or money on the premises.
  • Buildings CoverIf you own the building where your office is located, you’ll need buildings insurance.

We would also recommend Commercial Combined Insurance which combines a range of essential business covers in one single policy.

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