What To Look For When Buying Travel Insurance

Insurance can be confusing especially with all the different types of cover and exclusions listed. How do you know which cover is best?

Our advice would be to call us, of course! Or, have a read at the checklist below to make sure your policy covers the recommended basics.


  • Medical cover should be at least £1m for travel within Europe and £2m in the US. Check if repatriation in a medical emergency is included.
  • Ensure cancellation or curtailment cover exceeds your losses. Look for at least £2,000 if a holiday is cancelled.
  • Does it include a payout if you miss your flight or train for reasons outside your control?
  • Not all policies cover lost or delayed baggage and some insist on receipts before reimbursing lost possessions. Items over a certain value are usually separate. Look for cover of at least £1,500.
  • Does it contain personal liability cover if you are sued for damages for injury, or damage? Aim for a policy that will offer £2m or more.
  • Basic policies may exclude dental treatment, airline failure, terrorist acts and payment for lost cash, tickets or passports.
  • Check the amount of the excess and whether it is payable per person and/or per section of a claim.
  • There are policies available with no excess, for peace of mind, although these are more expensive and there is less choice.

Courtesy of The Guardian