Secure Your Outbuilding

The combination of warm weather, open windows, lighter evenings, and family holidays can give burglars the perfect opportunity to break into your garage or shed…

As the weather heats up, make sure to consider the value of items that may be stored in your outbuildings (e.g.: bicycles, barbeques, garden furniture, etc). Many people store theft attractive items in sheds and garages – but often forget to lock them. During the summer months, gardens can become even more of a treasure trove, with sound systems and expensive tablets left outdoors from time to time.

Garden furniture and patio heaters come out of storage too, meaning that the value of your garden contents can dramatically increase in summer, but you can prevent this by putting a few simple measures in place.

  • Secure your shed and/or garage with high security locks – Locking your shed or garage with a strong padlock/closed shackle padlock can help to deter burglars and protect your theft attractive belongings stored inside. If they manage to get inside your outbuildings, additional locks to bicycles or lawnmowers can help to put off burglars that are looking for a quick getaway.
  • Keep your valuables hidden away – If you’re heading indoors, gather up valuable items like mobile phones, tablets, and jewellery. Don’t leave them in plain sight of windows or patio doors – burglars won’t think twice about entering your home if there are easy pickings to be had. If the sun has gone in for the day, make sure to put away any garden furniture or bicycles in the shed. Cover any bikes, lawn mowers and valuable tools with a sheet, or keep them away from windows so they can’t be seen. Also make sure that your contents insurance is up to date with any valuable new additions.
  • Grow natural defences to keep burglars out – Prickly hedges and dense bushes can help to protect your garden and put off potential intruders. You can even grow plants with thorny stems, which could help to secure your garden whilst adding a splash of colour!
  • Install security systems – Security systems are a great deterrent for anyone who’s up to no good and sneaking around your property at night. Motion-sensitive security lights can help you feel safer once the sun’s gone down and it’s dark. It is also a good idea to install a burglar alarm to any sheds, garages and outbuildings. From simple alarms to systems that transmit CCTV images to your mobile phone, there’s a wide range to choose from.
  • Grow natural defences to keep burglars out – Most importantly, you should make sure that your Home Insurance is up to date and that you have sufficient cover to cover all of your contents. It’s a good idea to take photos of your valuables as sometimes this can make a claims process smoother.

With all of these tips in place, you should be able to relax and enjoy spending time in your garden this summer…

Article courtesy of LV