Are Dash Cams Beneficial?


11 million UK motorists are keeping a digital eye on the road.

New research from Aviva shows the uptake of dash cams amongst UK motorists is soaring, with 10.9 million drivers currently using them.

  • A quarter of UK motorists currently drive with a dash cam, while 72% believe they should be used by all drivers
  • More than a third of drivers feel safer on the road when using a dash cam
  • 32% of dash cam drivers involved in an accident have been successful in proving they were not responsible

Dash cams, in-car cameras that record the road in front of you, have continued to increase in popularity during the past year, with nearly half of dash cam users beginning to use the technology in the past 12 months.

Almost three in four dash cam users believe that all motorists should follow suit, and half think it should be a legal requirement for young or new drivers to have dash cams fitted as standard.


Safer roads and peace of mind

Safety is a key factor in the increased use of dash cams

  • 1 in 3 motorists feeling safer when driving with one.
  • 1 in 4 motorists think widespread use of them would make UK motorists safer drivers.

Most people think widespread use would lead to greater accountability on the roads, providing clear proof of the cause of accidents.


Making a Claim

Dash cam footage is helping to improve the claims process and nearly half of drivers saying they make accountability for accidents more clear-cut.

Of those who have had an accident on the road, almost two thirds of dash cam drivers used their footage as part of their claim. On many occasions this helped prove that they were not at fault. More than a fifth of dash cam users say they have also witnessed an accident on the road, which they weren’t involved with, and their footage captured the incident.


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